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Pro Vita is an official CrossFit Affiliate, and CrossFit training is at the core of Pro Vita’s programming and class schedule. By definition, CrossFit training emphasizes constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. Our CrossFit classes are available throughout the day Monday-Saturday. Each day a Workout of the Day (WOD) is prescribed for all of the CrossFit classes. Each WOD is available to members on the evening prior to class via our private Facebook group.

What if you’ve never tried CrossFit? Safety for our members is at the forefront of our priorities, so we offer a 5-session Foundations Workshop where clients can learn a series of fundamental movements used in the WODs. The first session is offered at an introductory price of $10. After completion of the Foundation sessions, clients are welcome to sign up for one of several CrossFit memberships starting from $150/month and attend the CrossFit classes throughout each day. For more information, visit Classes & Membership.

At Pro Vita, all CrossFit memberships include 24-hour access Open Gym.

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