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Nutrition Services

Nutrition is absolutely essential to the performance and health of our clients which is why we offer nutrition coaching/consulting services at Pro Vita. We are strong supporters of eating meat from animals treated the right way as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on knowing where your food comes from. We realize that in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, preparing healthy meals and tasty foods can feel impossible.

Whether it’s just a little guidance on best farmer’s markets, recipe swapping, or education for food preparation, we are willing and able to help as much as you need. With these values in mind, we have also partnered with PaleoWorks to have pre-made meals delivered straight to the gym for your convenience. For more details, visit the PaleoWorks website or contact Pro Vita today.

Our Nutrition Coaching starts with an Initial 1-hour Consultation for $120 where you have a one-on-one meeting with one of our coaches to discuss current diet, nutrition goals, and meal planning. 45-minute follow-up sessions take place at regular intervals to track results at our Personal Training rate of $75.